How to Perfect the Accuracy of Order Picking

Order picking is basically the pulling of products from the inventory in order to fulfill customer's order. The process is very simple and doesn't require too much training, but it can be detrimental if not organized well.

Order picking can also be automated where robots help in the process.

It can be done in different ways:

  1. Where order picker moves and picks items necessary for the order. An employee picks the items around the whole warehouse.
  2. There can be zone picking where an employee is assigned a certain zone and he or she only pulls from the assigned section of the warehouse.
  3. An employee can also move around to collect items to meet several orders made by customers.
  4. An automatic method where products are brought to the order picker by an automatic system or a conveyor.
  5. Pick to box where the order picker doesn't have to move. The products are picked by the person and placed in the box from a moving machine.

Order Picking Accuracy

The order picking process must always be efficient in order to:

  • improve customer satisfaction
  • improve the bottom line
  • reduce losses
  • help in reconciliation.

Some of the ways a business can perfect the accuracy of order picking include:

1. Document It

It's important to make sure that all the processes are documented. This should be done without any errors.

2. Touch Item Once

Make sure there is accuracy during picking by touching an item only once. The picked items should go in the truck touched only by the pickers.

3. Put Emphasis on Training

No matter how good the system is, there has to be a continuous training of the personnel to perfect the process. The system is only as good as the people operating it.

young woman picking items from the shelf

4. Use Double Checking

Come up with a system which can help in the double verification of all the steps. By double checking, you will be able to identify a mistake by an individual.

5. Storage Methods

The method of storing the items can also improve or reduce the efficiency of the order picking process. Warehouse with a poor arrangement of the shelves can easily lead to confusion of the pickers.

6. Find out the Order Picking Method That Works Best for You

There are different methods available and these methods can be used efficiently on different types of stores. It's important to analyze and determine the method that can work best for you.

In conclusion, order picking is a process that must be perfect for a business to realize its full potential. It's essential for the management of the business to understand and know the best way available they can use to perfect the process.